Sunday, December 03, 2017

Canadian Army moving forward with the Tactical Armored Patrol Vehicle (TAPV)

via OttawaCitizen.
The Canadian Forces officially opened on Friday its new facility at 4 CDSB Petawawa to house the base’s fleet of Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicles.
The vehicles will be used for a variety of tasks on the battlefield, including reconnaissance and surveillance, security, command and control, and transporting cargo and personnel.

In total, 113 TAPVs will be operated at 4 CDSB Petawawa, according to the Canadian Forces. Fifty-nine will be housed in a new facility. The remaining 54 TAPVs will be housed in existing facilities at the base.
Delivery of the TAPVs to 4 CDSB Petawawa began in August 2017. Fourteen TAPVs are currently located at the new facility, with the rest expected to be delivered in 2018, said Department of National Defence spokesman Daniel Le Bouthillier.
I posted the video cause it finally explains the thinking of the Canadian Army.  If we look at how they view themselves and what they consider likely deployments then the TAPV by Textron makes nothing but sense.

The TAPV is a different looking "protected mobility vehicle".  Because of its ground clearance and basic design its more mobile than other vehicles in its class.

I don't know the cost point but even if it's a bit more expensive I have to think that its combat capability will make up for the difference.

We wondered why the TAPV?  I think we have the answer.  I like it.  They're getting it into service and I can't wait to see it perform at NATO exercises.

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