Friday, December 22, 2017

What should I keep in mind when planning to join the Marines?

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What should I keep in mind when planning to join the Marines?

For me, my WTF moment was M.E.P.S

We all finished swearing in. We belonged to Uncle Sam.

Some Army cat steps up, there were a group of us. At least 300.

He called out for Army. Half the people stepped aside. Air force, Navy, Coast Guard, National Guard. When all had gone to their respective groups, There I was standing all alone. And the army cat yelled


I’m standing there watching dudes and dudettes get their promise from recruiters, checks, t-shirts, bags, high fives.

A Marine Captain steps up to me. He looks at me and asks

Sure you didn’t mean to sign up for the Army? He pointed at them, and said. You can get gifts and enlistment bonus. I assured him I was there to be a leatherneck.

He marched me to the back, made me do 20 pull-ups and 100 crunches, then made me run laps.

He took me back into MEPS, I saw all my fellow future servicemen and women showing off their enlistment gifts and checks.

I walked in sweating and a lil dirty. Everyone turned to look at me. They were getting bonuses, I was getting dirty. Then I saw it in their eyes.


I knew that day. I made the right decision. I joined this shit for the gung ho lifestyle, Not to get bonus checks and Air Conditioned containers in Kuwait.

The brotherhood that made Aryan Ubermensch think Cerberus took a human form and split into thousand crazed warriors. Teufelhunden


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