Sunday, December 03, 2017

When did Polish gear become the new "hotness"????

I was trying to find a new utility pouch and was scouring the gun/gear and believe it or not AIRSOFT (those little freaks buy the most expensive gear I've ever seen just to go play PAINTBALL...I don't understand it but they always have lines on the latest and greatest) sites to see what I could see to fit the bill and much to my surprise Polish gear is suddenly the new "hotness"!

I don't pay attention to Brit stuff.  It might be 2017 but everything they make is in that DPM they have a weird infatuation with belt gear.

The French stuff is just plain weird.  I guess you can tell that from the FAMAS that they'd either shop for US stuff or suffer from homegrown, cause it just don't ring any bells with me.

The Italian stuff is good and they ship overseas but the few items that I had my eye on (they make some really interesting knives) are outrageously priced plus they have the audacity to actually charge you a freaking VAT tax on top of it.  Hint.  I avoid paying local, state and federal taxes when I can.  I sure as shit ain't paying a freaking VAT too!

Which leads me to the Polish gear.  Direct Action I had heard of but Husar was new and there are a couple of others that have people going nutty.

Who knew.

The Poles might be the home of gear innovation in the future.  They haven't been neutered yet!  There is hope for Europe!

Side note.  Not a solid connection, but gear innovation equals martial spirit.  Martial spirit equals the willingness to do the hard thing when necessary.  Doing the hard thing when necessary means being responsible.  Being responsible means being man.  Being a man means that there are times when you must be willing to fight.  Being willing to fight equals martial spirit and martial spirit equals gear innovation!

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