Thursday, January 18, 2018

China is marshalling forces/establishing new infrastructure on India's border...

Thanks to Sarabvir for the link!

via ThePrint.IN
New visuals show PLA deployment is close to last year’s face-off point and hasn’t thinned down as Indian Army chief Gen. Rawat claimed last week.

New Delhi: Almost five months after India and China agreed to end their tense military face-off in the Himalayan region of Doklam, Beijing has almost completely taken control of the northern side of the disputed plateau, latest satellite images accessed by ThePrint show.

The new images show concrete posts, seven helipads, new trenches and several dozen armoured vehicles close to the point where the Indian Army and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops were locked in a 72-day confrontation last year.

The discovery comes days after Army chief General Bipin Rawat said that China continues to have troops in North Doklam but also added that the deployment had thinned down recently.

However, new satellite imagery accessed by ThePrint from 10 December 2017 shows that the Chinese side is now well entrenched in the area, with heavy road building machinery still present close to the stand-off point.
Story here. 

This is beyond interesting.  First you have an Indian news organization that DIRECTLY contradicts the Army Chief.  Next you have some pretty credible and compelling sat imagery to back up the point.

I don't know China's endgame with regard to India but one of the comments that was made to the article (I always read the comments of foreign publications to get the feelings of the locales) struck me as being especially wise.  To paraphrase....
The Chinese are relentless when they seek weakness in others...
While it would be in both India's and the US best interest to establish some type of mutual defense treaty I just don't see that happening.

India is about to be caught in a geographic kill box.

A hostile Pakistan on one border and an opportunistic China on the other.

Is this part of the silk road concept?  If it is then fighting might break out here before they get around to the US.

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