Monday, January 29, 2018

Deep State Intel Services about to get punched in the eye...

via Roll Call.
The House Intelligence Committee on Monday voted along party lines to release a classified memo the panel’s Republicans put together on the FBI and its investigation into President Donald Trump.

The exact details of the memo remain unclear but could soon be available for public view if the executive branch agrees to the Intelligence Committee’s recommendation to release it.

Democrats opposed the move to release the memo. Intelligence Committee ranking member Adam Schiff said the committee crossed a line with its vote Monday, accusing Republicans of politicizing its investigatory powers.

The minority has prepared its own classified memo to counter the assertions made in the GOP memo. Schiff said he moved for a vote to release both memos but Republicans objected and instead voted just to release theirs.

The panel did vote without controversy to allow House members to read the minority memo. 

I've been monitoring MSNBC News and they're in overdrive TRYING TO PREVENT THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES from seeing this memo.  Even worse they're trying to give bullshit reasons why WE DON'T NEED to see it!

Simply amazing.

The intel services are nervous as hell.  So is the main stream news media.  That alone makes me suspicious but when you add how the Democratic leadership is acting along with the Never Trump Republicans, I really have to think that their was some kind of unholy pact signed by all of the above to drive the guy out of office.

Don't get it twisted.

Trump still has me pissed about his Charlottesville idiocy.  He still pisses me off because he has the audacity to talk about NFL players simply taking a knee, not disrupting a game but taking a fucking knee in protest of bad police shootings (so do many of you people that go along with that meme instead of thinking) but he actually seems to be draining the swamp.

This will be fun to watch.

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