Thursday, January 18, 2018

Have you noticed it? McMaster's has disappeared!

I keep reading stories about how all is well and diplomacy is working with regard to the N. Korea nuke issue.  But I've also been trying to look between the headlines.  Tillerson is cautious but optimistic.  He is saying that we're willing to talk anytime, anywhere.  Mattis is also cautious but a bit wary.  He says that diplomacy will continue but that the military must be prepared to strike.

Japan is Japan.

They're continuing down the road to militarism and stating flatout that N. Korea is simply playing for time and that the S. Koreans should be wary.

That's all the players right?


Where is McMaster's?  He's been totally off the radar for the past couple of weeks (if not longer).  That should be an ominous sign for those that are watching this issue.

McMaster sees himself as a tactical genius.  That is why I was so surprised to see him tapped as National Security Advisor.  Tactically the dude is aggressive and at the very least efficient (his fans would say brilliant).  So what is he doing?

My guess?

I believe that this diplomatic stuff is just that.  Spinning of the wheel that the polite society demands before war is declared.  I'd bet McMaster is deep inside the bowels of the Pentagon dusting off war plans, modifying them and getting ready to do the deed.

Furthermore I'm thinking that he and Dunford are forehead to forehead looking over maps, disposition of forces and getting everything lined up for a strike that they hope will be limited in scope but could spiral.

Stop looking at the heads.

Mattis, Trump, Tillerson and Haley will give you very little indication of where we're really going.  My recommendation is start watching the Joint Chiefs of Staff, McMaster and follow their daily schedule.

When they start visiting units on a weekly if not daily basis then consider that go time.  The General's Club requires that leadership give a pep talk, small talk while doing informal inspections and look their troops in the eye before they send them into combat.

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