Thursday, January 18, 2018

Mattis FINALLY states the obvious. China is our top threat!

via Breaking Defense.
 Terrorism remains a concern for the US military but it is no longer its primary focus. (The strategy is a Pentagon document that builds on the earlier White House-led National Security Strategy. The official version will be released tomorrow).

The strategy reserves its strongest language for China, accusing it of wielding predatory economics in combination with building its fake islands in the South China Sea to intimidate neighboring countries.

What is America’s response? We will build a force designed to work with our allies that will “compete, deter and win.” This comes after what the strategy calls a period of strategic atrophy, during which our global military advantage has slipped. While American forces could deploy anywhere they wanted and whenever they wanted, today every domain is contested. In addition to China and Russia, the strategy also mentions North Korea and Iran as part of the inter-state strategic competition which is now the primary challenge to American interests.
Story here. 

Absolutely awesome.

It looks like Mattis is finally deciding to face the threat.  The forever Terror War Mafia Set is going to go bananas and it will take putting them and SOCOM (to include 5th columnist in the Marine Corps) back in their cage thru reductions in funding but overall this is good news.

To win a fight you must first identify the threat.

We're finally doing that.

I am pleased.

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