Sunday, January 21, 2018

Politics Talk. DACA, govt closure and the idiocy of it all.

I've tried to steer away from politics talk.  I don't like the way that discussions go, I hear way too much meme talk without thinking and unfortunately people go back to their corners without actually considering the ramifications of what our elected politicians are doing/have done.

DACA, the govt closure and the meltdown in Washington ticks all of my hate boxes.  Think about the following.

1.  Regardless of where you stand on DACA, it was an overreach by the past President.  In essence he gave almost a million people amnesty.  Ignore the "morality" of the thing, its illegal.

2.  With regard to Trump rescinding DACA.  Silly move.  State Attorney Generals were waiting in the wings to take the issue to court. I personally consider it a pity that they didn't get the chance.  The imperial presidency needs to be cut back and executive orders are out of control.  If Trump had allowed nature to take its course then we would see this issue being played out in the courts, not with idiotic closures of the federal govt.

3.  Congress is broken.  I accept that is fact.  Where I part company with my fellow citizens is that is a good thing.  Why attempt to charge forward on issues if compromise isn't possible (and apparently it isn't at this time)?  Better a Congress that does nothing than one that has the country whiplashing from the right to the left every election.

4.  Illegal immigration and how DACA fits into it.  I understand the arguments in favor of granting amnesty to children that were brought across the border illegally.  But the brutal truth is that the basic trouble with the immigration issue is twofold.  One we're allowing illegality to continue unabated and second now that the illegality hasn't been dealt with our govt is now attempting to reward it.  That is the other moral issue that must be dealt with.  If I speed I'm getting a ticket if caught.  Cross the border illegally?  You're sent on your way and told to report back in a few months.  How is that fair?

5.  The last thing I need to point out is the craziness of the whole thing.  The Dems have shut down the US govt over the needs and concerns of approx one million people THAT ARE NOT US citizens.  How is this being seen as a winning issue for them?  Are my fellow citizens insane enough to really support this stance?

This whole thing is batshit stupid.

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