Sunday, January 21, 2018

Kurds are giving their account of destroyed Turk Tanks & killed Turk/Merc Soldiers...

via Almardsnews.
In a single day, Kurdish fighters destroyed five Turkish tanks in the Afrin area, ANF reported.

Two tanks were hit in the village of Diqmetash and two in the vicinity of the town of Tel-Rifat. It is in these areas that the fiercest battles are currently being fought between Kurds and the Turkish Army.

The Kurdish command reported that four Turkish soldiers and 10 pro-Turkish guerrillas were killed in the fighting in northwestern Syria.
 “As a result of these clashes, 10 members of the gang were killed in different parts of the region, 20 bandits [members of the armed Syrian opposition] were wounded. In addition, four Turkish soldiers were killed and many were injured in clashes in Bilbil,” the YPG reported in a press release.

It also said that during the clashes three soldiers of the Kurdish militia were killed.

The strikes resulted in the damage of 108 targets out of 113 planned.

On Sunday, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim confirmed the beginning of a ground offensive in the region.

It was noted that Turkish armored vehicles had advanced some 3.5 kilometers into the Syrian territory.
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