Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Sampson 30 RWS with integrated Trophy this the turret for the ACV?

via Defense Update.
RAFAEL has designed a new version of the Samson 30 unmanned turret fitted with an integral Trophy active protection system (APS). In addition to a 30mm automatic cannon and coax machine gun, the new turret integrates two independent sights, and two multi-purpose guided missiles, recessed launchers for smoke grenades and complete Trophy APS system comprising four radars and two countermeasures units enabling complete hemispheric coverage of the protected vehicle. RAFAEL unveiled the new initiative at the International Armored Vehicles (IAV) conference in London this week.
Story here. 

Is this the turret that fits the bill for the Marine Corps Amphibious Combat Vehicle?

The only thing I would like to see (and it might be covered in the base vehicle) are a few more optics to see around the rig.  As things stand it mounts the 30mm cannon that ATK developed for the EFV, still trying to figure out the stretched deal there, and its much lower profile than that monster the Army is putting on the Stryker.

For an already tall vehicle, a low profile turret can make a difference.

First things first though.

Let's see the Marine Corps pick a winner this summer then we can start lobbying hard to make our APCs into IFVs.

Something tells me that on future battlefields we're gonna need the firepower.

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