Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Thanks to Gregory for the link!

Watch the film all the way thru folks!  You'll thank me later!

You back?


They ended the video by saying the window to stop this future was closing rapidly.  They were right.  Only no one listened.  This genie is out of the bottle and this makes nuclear warfare seem downright pleasant.  Do you remember the horror expressed by the public with the Neutron Bomb scare? People were going batshit over the idea of a bomb that killed all the people but left the buildings and machinery intact.

This is just like that but version 2.0++.

Even worse?  Weaponry proliferates.  Once one nation has it others will seek to develop it.  Then you will have certain groups buy the tech.  Eventually it will make its way to criminals and/or terrorists.

Forget lasers...I want EMP generators!

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