Monday, January 08, 2018

Sputnik gives an interesting overview of Airborne Fighting Vehicles...

via Sputnik.
United States

For a country that has engaged in so many overseas conflicts over the decades, the US has surprisingly few armored vehicle designs to back up its airborne drop capability.

As Kotz pointed out, "US paratroopers today can paradrop only light armored vehicles such as the 2.6 ton Humvee, the 960 kg LSV and the 6.4 ton L-ATV, as well as the British-made M119 105mm towed howitzer. 
Story here. 

Some of you are gonna howl.  How dare I reference something from Sputnik!  Well I dare and this is a pretty good read.  They do a rundown of the airborne fighting vehicles from a number of countries and its pretty balanced.

Check it out before you complain.  Follow the link!

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