Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Israeli Air Force choosing F-15's over F-35's for its next buy?

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via Haaretz.com
The F-15, though older, has two advantages over the F-35: a longer flight range and the ability to carry larger bombs. Another factor in its favor is that it’s built on a different platform, which means the air force would have a mix of planes rather than relying on a single model.

The F-15I is also cheaper to operate than the F-35. But the plane is currently being upgraded by the manufacturer, Boeing, and its purchase price is expected to rise in any future deal. Thus it could end up costing the same as the F-35 does next time around.

The argument within the air force apparently isn’t over whether a third F-35 squadron is needed, but over how soon it is needed.

Proponents of the F-15 prefer to postpone buying the third F-35 squadron until near the end of the next decade.

The decision is also very important to the competing American manufacturers, Lockheed Martin (the F-35) and Boeing (the F-15), and not only because the deal is likely to be worth almost $3 billion. Boeing is considering closing its F-15 production line, but an Israeli order would keep the line open. It could also persuade other countries to buy the plane, since a purchase by the IAF is considered a seal of approval of a fighter jet’s high quality and continued relevance.
Story here. 

This is weird.

I miss the days when IDF officers spoke plainly.  There was a time when they would say what's what and let the chips fall where they may.

Those days are over.

Additionally, while I LOVE to bang on the F-35 anytime, anyday, anywhere, this article is just plain off.

They lavish tremendous praise on the F-35.  Talk about how its price will equal an upgraded F-15, emphasize how its hyper advanced and how its stealth is a world beater....then turn around and talk about "bigger" bombs and the F-15's range?

The IDF could have done us all a favor and provided clarity on the F-35's real capabilities.  Instead they've muddied the waters even more.

My stance remains the same.

Stealth is overrated, payloads over platforms, AESA is the magic elixir and the F-15 is the daddy airplane.

The IDF all but told us so, but want to stay on the Pentagons good side with regard to the F-35.

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