Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Taliban has started a new bombing offensive in Afghanistan that no one is talking about...

via DW.com
A string of brutal attacks over the past several weeks, killing and injuring hundreds of innocent Afghans, have shown the world the fragile and worsening state of security in Afghanistan and made it once again a staple of international headlines.

The incidents have plunged war-weary Afghan citizens into a state of despair and highlighted the limitations faced by the government in Kabul in ensuring public security.

Both the Taliban and the so-called "Islamic State" (IS) have claimed responsibility for the violence.
Story here. 

Have you been keeping up with events in Afghanistan?  Probably not because all eyes are on Syria, but the Taliban has started a bombing offensive that is shaking the govt to its foundations.

Our response?

Did you know that the Commander in Afghanistan is requesting an additional 1K troops to the region for the summer fighting season?

The Marine Corps is trying to arrange for Predator overwatch (24/7) for our boys making up that Task Force that is due to hit ground anytime (if they're not there already).

I've read reports that Afghan security forces are suspected of being thoroughly penetrated by Taliban infiltrators and that we can expect an increase in green on blue incidents.

Things are terrible in Afghanistan.

We should have bailed.  That land is ungovernable.  Worse?  They don't want peace, they don't want a partition of the land, they only want continued warfare.

We don't understand the psychology of people like that.  We should stop trying.

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