Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Arming teachers the answer? Talked to a subject matter expert and I'm not so sure anymore....

Hey guys.

This morning I had a chance to talk to a subject matter expert.  This bubba is a former Marine, Law Enforcement and now teaches both police and civilians in responding to active shooters.

Guess what he told me on the subject of arming teachers (this is the crib notes...he laid it out much better than I am here).

*  Culture.

The teaching culture would require a complete rethink.  They have issues enough dealing with fist fights and other drama at school.  Now we're gonna ask them to deal with an active shooter?

* Training.

If we're gonna have armed teachers then we should expect them to have the same training as law enforcement.  Remember we're giving them loaded weapons and asking them to have those weapons around our children. That means they're gonna need proficient in weapons retention, clearing rooms and close quarters combat.

* Mentality.

We're asking the same people that we expect to hug and kiss our babies (talking elementary school kids) when they get a bruised knee, and then asking them to engage a suspect?

* Cost.

Teachers are already saddled with extensive training...costly training to perform their primary job.  Which school district is gonna pay for this additional training?  Remember it has to be up to a certain standard before we turn these people loose with weapons inside a school.  This will not be cheap.

Long short?

The "arming the teachers" mantra isn't as simple as it sounds.  There is alot to consider and for it to work properly we're going to have develop training standards, deal with the current teaching culture, somehow develop the proper combat mentality in nurtures and absorb a pretty heft cost.

As much as I hate to say it, this probably isn't the right idea.

Better to have properly trained and motivated School Resource Officers handle the threat.

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