Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Gun Control News. Congress seeks new laws instead of holding govt accountable! TYPICAL!

I continue to be amazed and perplexed.  The gun grabbers (many have spoken up here...many are from foreign countries...many are from slave states and masquerade as 2nd Amendment supporters) are still seeking to "control guns".

Congress seeks new laws.

They all fail to hold govt responsible for this tragedy.

We saw the system totally fail the citizenry but just like the Nazis they are they seek to control other people instead of fixing the thing they support most.

Big govt.

The FBI failed.

The Sheriff's Dept failed.

The School failed.

The Mental Health/Social Work system failed.

Yet Trump, Dems, some Republicans and the great unwashed, pussified masses think that more laws will work?

They totally surrendered on Marijuana in New York, California and other liberal bastions.  They release criminals from jail early.  They seek to give felons voting rights again.  In certain locations (Chicago) they have draconian gun laws yet don't prosecute to the fullest and have seen the crime problem skyrocket.

Now they seek to criminalize me and people like me even though we've done nothing wrong?

This is how you make good people go bad.  Rant over.

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