Thursday, February 22, 2018

First it was the Combat Endurance Course, now its Hikes...USMC Infantry Officers Course because a Disneyland ride...

via Marine Times
Faced with towering attrition rates, the Marine Corps has steadily modified its grueling Infantry Officer Course ― changes that top Marines say are not attempts to water down standards, but to more accurately replicate today’s real-world requirements.

Recent changes include the number of evaluated hikes required to pass the course, and the removal of the physically demanding Combat Endurance Test as a strict requirement to graduate.

Under the new requirements, only three of those nine hikes will be evaluated, and Marines will have to pass all three evaluated hikes in order to graduate.
Story here. 

A boot Lt had one thing he could hang his hat on.  He left IOC as a PT God.  He would hit deck and he would be able to out PT anyone in the unit.


Dumb ass Lts can't PT and don't know shit?

What good are they?

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