Thursday, February 22, 2018

Open Comment Post. Feb 22, 2018

The SU-57.

Supposedly the Russians deployed it to Syria.

Meanwhile we have the usual idiocy, stalling, cheerleading and outright lies about the F-35 in US service.

Sensor node?  You can use a UAV to act as a sensor node.  Advanced sensors? Put an AESA on anything that flies and you get the advanced sensors of the F-35.  Fusion?  A computer program and SAAB has it down better with the Gripen.

The only "5th" Gen capability the plane has is freaking stealth and that's becoming a non-factor.

Our military leadership miscalculated.  They thought they had a 20-30 year lead on the competition.  That lead got whittled down to where 5 years ago they thought they had 10 years.  Today?  They talk about potential threats being equal in tech and ahead in some fields.

We deserve better!  Get out of your normalcy bias.  Authority is to be challenged, not worshipped!

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