Wednesday, February 28, 2018

GAO is mobilizing gun owners. I called mine...if you're a free man then calls yours too!

via Gun Owners of America!
We Can Tie up the Capitol Hill Phone Lines, or We Can be Stuck with Dreadful Gun Control

Dear Solomon,

I know that we have asked you to make several calls in the past few days.

And I realize that by now, you could be growing weary. That temptation is there for us too.

But when our rights are under attack, we can't grow weary in doing good.

George Washington didn't, when his troops were suffering at Valley Forge. And neither should we, when our rights are under attack, as well.

If there's any consolation, you're merely being asked to wield a phone rather than a sword.


The Left is mobilizing every force at its command in order to ban large categories of guns ... to ban large categories of people ... and to send SWAT teams to your door to seize your guns.

And some cowardly squish Republicans are willing to give them the gun control they're asking for.

So unless those who favor the Second Amendment can tie up the Capitol Hill phone lines, we fear they will succeed.

That's why renewed calls are needed to your two Senators -- Sen. Bill Cassidy (R) at (202) 224-5824 and Sen. John Kennedy (R) at (202) 224-4623 -- urging them to oppose every single word of gun control ... and to stand with the governors who are calling for arming teachers!

And you can click here to email your Representative and Senators a summary of what several pro-gun Governors had to say yesterday to the President -- all of them showing how arming teachers is ALREADY working in their states.


The core proposal that's on the table is the Second Amendment Infringement Act of 2018 -- legislation that we alerted you to on Monday.

Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) -- along with Connecticut Senators Richard Blumenthal (D) and Chris Murphy (D) -- are pushing a core gun control package which would ban guns, send names to NICS, and authorize secret hearings and government SWAT teams.

This package may come to the Senate floor as one, two, or three bills.  But, even before the Senate passes this package, Sen. Schumer and company have already announced that IT IS NOT ENOUGH.
Eric Pratt and the Gun Owners of America sounded the alarm and to answer it didn't require courage, just getting off your ass and dialing a few digits.

Easily done.

Don't get it twisted though.  After talking to that Subject Matter Expert on Active Shooters I've done a 180 on the issue of arming teachers.

I think I want and desire more than they're able to do.  After chewing on this a bit I just don't think they'll be able to deliver what the public is demanding and we shouldn't ask them to.

The teaching profession is getting whipsawed by a bunch of funky theories and batshit crazy ideas.

They can't handle the tremendous responsibility that we would hoist on them with having to confront an active shooter.

But that's my opinion.

What's pure dee fact is that I will act against EVEN more draconian gun laws. I was born free, have been a good citizen and will not entrust my personal safety or the safety of my family to some bubba that don't know me and has a family of his own to take care.

Yeah the Police will bust 130mph getting to a scene.  The good ones will rush in to attempt to save you but unless you've traded in your man pants for panties then at the end of the day it's up to you.

If that means not hanging out in the hood after midnight or buying weed for a party from slim shady on the corner OR EVEN being mentally, physically and emotionally prepared to defend yourself if the goblins pick the wrong house it's up to you.

Get training.

Armed Novelists (a reader of this blog) gives classes in LA.  So do others.  Get trained up, get in the gym (harder to kill a strong guy) and get your mind right.

Last but not least if you think like I do then call your Congress critter!

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