Wednesday, February 28, 2018

US Army trying to muscle in on Air-Sea Battle...getting serious about coastal defense!

Thanks to Lee for the link!

via Navy Recognition.
At the Surface Navy Association's (SNA) 2018 National Symposium held in January near Washington DC, Navy Recognition learned from Raytheon and Kongsberg that the Naval Strike Missile (NSM) will be test fired from a U.S. Army HEMTT truck during RIMPAC 2018 exercise this summer.

The U.S. Army will demonstrate the "cross domain fires / cross domain integration" concept by firing an NSM against a ship target at sea during the joint exercise taking place in (and off) the island of Hawaii. A contract was awarded to Raytheon for this.

The first mention of this live test came from the Chief of U.S Pacific Command, Amiral Harris, talking at the Association of the United States Army LANPAC Symposium and Exposition last year in May.
"Significant to this audience, during RIMPAC 2018, USARPAC will fire a Naval Strike Missile from the shore to sink a ship." Admiral Harris said at the Army symposium last year.
Story here. 

Ordinarily I'd be punching walls screaming Roles and Missions at the top of my voice.

I'd be going off on the leadership of both services.  The Army for intruding on Marine Corps turf and the Marine Corps for letting them.

China is different though.

All hands on deck with them.  Full national effort and cross domain is a REAL thing.

So yeah.  No bitching on this one.  I just hope it works and if it does I hope they buy enough so that the Marine Corps can grab some.

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