Thursday, February 22, 2018

PAK FA armament DOES air to ground!

I've been monitoring the comments on my blog post about the SU-57 going to Syria.  More than a few people have stated that the SU-57 is suppose to be the analog of the F-22.  Pure air to air.

How wrong can they be!

I don't think anyone has noticed but the Russians don't build "pure" fighters.  They build a rock solid fighter platform and then do what we used to.  Employ it to go air to ground.  That was the secret sauce of the F-15 and F-16.  They were not a pound for air to ground but because they were awesome fighters they were great attack platforms too.  That wasn't the first time in history either.  The P-51, F4U Corsair and A-4 SkyHawk all flexed between roles with aplomb.

WTF am I getting at?

The PAK FA SU-57 will be dropping bombs and firing rockets in Syria.  They designed it to strike and I believe it'll get the job done.

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