Sunday, February 04, 2018

People in the Middle East are predicting a Kurdish massacre and blaming us. This article makes a strong case for them being right....

The Trump administration is doubling down on a lie the U.S. government has promoted since it first began cooperating with the Syrian Kurds against the Islamic State group in 2014: that the Kurds it is working with in Syria differ from those that are anathema to NATO ally Turkey.

American officials designed that fiction to enable the anti-ISIS strategy adopted under President Barack Obama and continued under President Donald Trump. Now it’s taking its most serious toll yet: Turkey is bombarding Afrin, a Kurdish enclave in northwest Syria, with airstrikes and artillery fire and the U.S. is refusing responsibility. Extending the Obama-era logic, team Trump maintains that Afrin is totally distinct from the Kurdish regions in Syria’s northeast that are home to American bases and thousands of U.S. troops.

Dozens of civilians have died in the campaign’s initial assault on smaller villages around the main city. Over a million more are at risk, as are Turkish civilians facing rockets in response. And Trump’s choice has boosted bitterness toward the U.S. among Washington’s most effective partners in Syria. In the weeks ahead, it could torpedo U.S.-brokered cooperation between Kurds and the country’s majority Arab community, tempting more Arabs to join radical groups like the powerful local al Qaeda affiliate or what’s left of ISIS; escalate an already dire humanitarian crisis; and cede more space in Syria to actors Trump is ostensibly committed to challenging ― Russia, Iran and the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad. There’s little clear benefit to the U.S. in return.
Story here. 

The writer of this article is as left wing as they come.  I get more than a little whiff of anti-Trumpism too.  I get more than a little whiff of a STRONG anti-US bias as well.

But I don't know if this dude is wrong.

The bastards that pushed the conflict in Syria.  The idiots that talked about a generational war to defeat ISIS...the people that decided to wreck a country because they wanted Assad out of power have the blood of many on their hands.

Now they might have to add the blood of the Kurds as well.

Don't get me wrong.  The Kurds are spunky.  They'll fight hard.  They'll stand their ground and they'll die in place.

But die they will.

The Turks aren't impressing me.  This campaign shows that what we would consider basic military tasks are beyond them.  But they have numbers, they have the gear and they have a leader that won't allow them to quit.

They might get chewed up but they will carry the day.

And for that I blame Tillerson, the Pentagon and Trump.  This plan was idiotic. They should have dumped it when they took the reigns but they didn't.  Now they're gonna have to deal with the blowback...or they're gonna have to try and extend the fighting so that they can get a negotiated cessation of fighting that might let them accomplish the goals that have eluded them on the battlefield.

It really doesn't matter.  The neo-cons, globalists and masters of the universe just lost another war. 

The reality?

The Russians, Syrians and Iranians pulled it off.  Why?  Because they were able to exert maximum effort while we had to do it halfway because our leadership lied to the people about their real goals.

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