Sunday, February 04, 2018

Turkey Deputy PM designates US troops 'wearing YPG uniform' a target

via Kurdistan24
Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister, Bekir Bozdag, on Sunday said US troops advising and training Kurdish forces in northern Syria could become a target for his country's army which is already waging an undeclared war on the Afrin enclave where Kurds are there on their own.

"If we happen to [face] even American soldiers in YPG uniforms, they are a target. Let them not confront us," Bozdag told the private news channel, CNN Turk, voicing the possibility of a conflict between the two NATO allies.

The YPG or the People's Protection Units is the bulk of the local Syrian partners of the US-led Coalition fighting the Islamic State (IS) group.

No US troop is known to have donned Kurdish military outfit while on duty in Syria, though some wearing the YPG insignia in 2016 made headlines and created a heated diplomatic crisis with Washington.
Story here. 

Is wearing a patch enough?  Does the statement by that Army Colonel about protecting our forces still stand?

Face it people.

Unless we're missing some serious behind the scene discussions...or we've pulled our people out of the area...we're gonna see US and Turkish forces eventually cross swords.

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