Sunday, February 25, 2018

Social Justice Warriors are getting gun channels banned...this will be the result.


Watch the video below.


You're hearing it here first (I don't think I've heard anyone express this).  This social justice stuff will not work!  It will create a backlash.  Worse.  It's gonna drive people underground.

As things currently stand the gun community is wide open.  You can freely read and watch whatever.  You have gun owners talking constantly to the ATF and local sheriff's dept to make sure that they're complying with the law.

You have an entire community that is trying to operate by the rules AS THEY CURRENTLY STAND and yet are still being condemned and harrassed.

So be it.

You can't criminalize legal ownership.

You can force positions to harden and attitudes to shift from debate to open hostility against the other side.

The actions I'm seeing are gonna make good people go bad.

I personally find the whole thing hilarious.  It's almost like they want a "baby insurgency". 

Answer me this.  When was the last time you saw widespread lawlessness against the federal govt?

The answer?  Against Clinton's tax increase.  It was low grade rebellion and people do not talk about it but they had to come up with an tax amnesty and all kinds of happy talk to right the ship.

What will happen to show displeasure with this nonsense from the SJW's?  I have no idea but the names in the gun community like Mac (former Marine...luv the guy) will be working on it.

Stay tuned.  This shit is far from over.

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