Sunday, February 25, 2018

Watch Sheriff Scott Israel mouth drip with slime while he makes excuses for his dept!

Thanks to Mobeius for the link!

I talk about 3 types of fitness.  Moral, Physical and Emotional.

You have to have moral fitness for good and bad times.  This is a time when the good Sheriff shows that he no moral fitness.

When he appeared on CNN (referenced in this interview) he knew that he had a deputy that hid like a COWARD. 

If he had moral courage he would have raised the issue himself.

He didn't.

Maybe the "new" news media caught him off guard.  I suspect that MANY news networks also got wind of this.  Too many victims were talking.  Too many teachers, family members etc knew about there being a School Resource Officer but for some reason it never came out.

The answer to that question is an entirely new blog post and raises even MORE DISTURBING issues with the media but we'll get to that later.

Sheriff is an elected position.  The people of this county elected this idiot to be their top law enforcement officer.

They got what they deserved.  If they want to fix it then they need to do so at the ballot box.

As far as guns are concerned.  If it isn't obvious that this whole thing was ginned up and staged then I don't know what it will take to convince you. How could news of the SRO be embargoed across all the networks and print media?

This is straight out of the playbook and all the so called supporters of the 2nd Amendment that are going pussy only prove that they aren't real allies.

Enforce the laws on the books.  Investigate people that are being informed on properly.  Deal with people that have mental illness. Arrest those that are a danger to the public.  Do your job.

Once all that is done then and only then I MIGHT (and it's highly doubtful) hear what you have to say about banning AR's.   Of course I'll tell you to pound sand but I'll hear you out if all that is done first.

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