Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Space X Heavy launches after lunch today...are we ready for a future where private corporations have nation state power?

Space X Heavy is launching today and I just didn't register what Musk was doing.

In short this dude is building rockets that out pace anything in the west by a large margin and probably compete quite nicely with Russian efforts.

Are we ready for this future?

What happens if a war were declared and he offered sat images to a nation we didn't like?

What if he took things a step further and established an offshore installation and launched sats for competitors to the US?

Think I'm crazy?

I'm not.  Dude is leveraging NASA facilities now but its becoming obvious that at least for the moment he's the only game in town.  How long will it take a guy like this to develop his own private program from soup to nuts, take it offshore, develop his own security/rescue/launch force and make space a private enterprise?

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