Tuesday, February 06, 2018

War is Boring Blog is smoking crack!

Thanks to Moebius 2249 for the link!

via WIB.
After ejecting, Filipov resisted capture and finally killed himself using a hand grenade. While widely praised as a “hero’s act,” supposedly undertaken with the aim of avoiding being beheaded by Jihadists, Filipov’s suicide was actually in vain. He came down inside an area controlled by Jaysh An Nasr, and would therefore have been captured by JAN and not by jihadists.

The Russian pilot would almost certainly have been exchanged via Turkey. The same happened with three different Syrian pilots in 2017.
Wow.  Who the fuck is Tom Cooper?  How can he put pen to paper and sound so confident in his assessment?  His declaration of who and what the pilots were attacking makes no sense.  His view that the pilots death was in vain seems arrogant beyond belief!

I don't know the intel that the Russians are getting.

I don't know the targets.

But I also don't believe in a moderate head chopper.

I'll also side with the guy doing the hard thing every time. 

This article smacks of arrogance, ignorance and a confidence that is unwarranted.  Whoever is running that shop needs to fix it and the writer with a quickness.

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