Saturday, February 24, 2018

Why the objection to being 21 to buy a Modern Sporting Rifle? Because its creeping gun control! Here's why....

Many so called 2nd Amendment supporters are going soft.

They're supporting bans on being 18-20 to buy a Modern Sporting Rifle.  Why? Because they contend that it could help end gun violence. That it could protect children.  That it will not be the full answer but that it will help!

These so called 2nd Amendment supporters disgust me.  They're giving in to the thrill of the mob.

I oppose this.


Because it is creeping gun control and the gun grabbers know, the so called 2nd Amendment supporters know it and it will DO NOTHING to help solve this problem.

I am a conservative African American male.

We have had (and it continues) a problem with certain gangs that happen to have black members.  The Crips, Blood, Black Gorilla Family and others.

By this logic then what we should do is to prevent any black male under the age of 50 from buying a handgun or rifle.  By this logic it would prevent violence in the inner city (where the vast majority of these gangs operate).

The VERY SAME THING could be said for Hispanics.  The MS-13, Latin Kings and others do the very same thing.

So if we're gonna label me for the sins of a few in the name of safety why aren't we?

I for one would rage.  Many other people would rage too.  The rationale would be exactly what I listed above, you can't blame an entire group of people for the problems/issues of a few.

That's obvious because of the color of my (our) skin.

But America DOES HAVE A PROBLEM of using blanket solutions to solve issues that a small group of people have.

The latest example is the Opioid crisis.  Not too long ago the medical community was laser focused on solving pain issues in society.  How do I know?  Because it was stated in several news accounts how black men were given less pain medication than others and how that hurt their care.

Fast forward a couple of years and we have the Opioid crisis hitting full bore and the solution is to LIMIT the treatment of pain for all, not actually getting at the core of the issue.

We've seen this before with the meth crisis when sudafed was used to make that vile drug.  You can get it today but you have to buy it from behind the counter.  It's a pain in the ass.  You have to show ID and the fucking pharmacists act like you're a drug user even if you're like me and suffer chronic sinusitis.

My point.

18 years old are NOT the problem.  Labeling all 18 year olds as potential school shooters is vile and despicable.

IT IS CREEPING GUN CONTROL and the reality that it won't do a thing to solve the problem is NOT lost on anyone.  People just want action no matter what it is...even if EVERYONE knows it won't work.

The constitution is suppose to protect us from that kind of nonsense.  Just like it protects me from being labeled a gang member just because we share a common skin tone, it should protect those young people.

But many don't care.  They just want a "feel good" moment.  Even at the cost of what's right.

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