Sunday, February 11, 2018

You can't kill enough to win? Think again! YOU MUST READ THIS ARTICLE!

via USNI Blog.
If we train for and fight a war against an opponent such as Russia or China in the same way as we are now fighting in Afghanistan or Iraq, we will get our butts handed to us. Warriors get called in to fix things quickly at the lowest echelon possible when the diplomats fail, not to dabble in diplomacy. Our sole concern should be finding the enemy and killing him as quickly and efficiently as possible. That’s it. Wonderfully simple in concept, it worked for hundreds of years for the Romans, yet some in our ranks today thrive on making things more complicated and difficult than they need be.

There is nothing new about insurgencies. Moreover, we are the insurgents in Afghanistan, not the counterinsurgents. To suggest otherwise is painfully arrogant and ignorant of the British and Russian misadventures in that country. We ought to have done as suggested by noted author, military historian, and Korean War veteran Beven Alexander, who in his 1995 book The Future of Warfare called for the use of overwhelming force to end resistance by eliminating the enemy’s intelligence, communication critical nodes, and supply structure; by killing or capturing their leaders and then leaving. And if the conduct that led us to attack them arises again, we must do it again and again, until they stop. Nation-building will fail in cultures that are fundamentally different from ours, such as the honor-killing tribal cultures of Afghanistan. Permanent war has never been a laudable goal for anyone other than defense contractors. We ought to stop worrying about ISIS recruiting or whether the populace will like us. As Patrick McCrory points out in The Fierce Pawns concerning the First British Afghan Campaign, “They will never like us.”

Let battalion-level commanders focus on the close fight. If we overwhelmingly and consistently win the close fight, recruiting will no longer be an issue. Most people don’t want to join a team that is consistently on the losing end.
Story here. 

Jesus!  I can't believe I'm recommending another USNI Blog article but this one had me CHEERING from beginning to end.  I wanted to highlight the entire thing but that would be silly...THIS SHOULDN'T JUST BE READ BUT SHOULD BE DISCUSSED AT EVERY PME HELD CORPS WIDE!

This diplomatic nonsense is craziness on a plate.  I think its the "infection" of the Special Ops cabal on not only the military but on policy makers.

THEY WILL NEVER LIKE US!  Why are we trying to figure out motivations for acts of barbarity when a civilized person never could?

FIND THEM, FIX THEM, KILL THEM!  That's how we should fight.  That's how we'll win!

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