Saturday, February 24, 2018

You want a consensus position on stopping mass shooting? Deal with the mentally ill!

Told you this was a die in the ditch issue and I'll pound this drum till my arms fall off.

Want to know what the American people think will solve the mass shooting problem?  It's to deal with the mentally ill.  Am I saying round them all up?  No. I am saying that when a person starts making declarations to harm himself or others that its time that shit is taken seriously.

Want to know the other dirty secret?  Polls have CONTINUOUSLY reflected this.  You might have some CLOWNS in California or New York that want to subject the rest of the nation to their misery but we're not falling for that. Which is why they're attempting to NATIONALIZE the debate instead of going state by state.  If they try a local movement they lose everytime, so they must IMPOSE this on the nation!

Check out this poll...

If you go inside the numbers you'll see the following.  Vast majority of both democrats and Republicans think that mental health screening could have prevented this tragedy.  Independents too.

Stricter gun laws?  A majority of dems supported tougher laws while the vast majority of Republicans DID NOT!.

Let that sink in.

The dems own both coasts.  The Republicans the center of the country.

Now think about where the most "intense" gun control laws currently are and compare that to the free states.


The slave states want to impose their rule over those that are free.

This isn't about safety this is about control!

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