Thursday, March 01, 2018

26th MEU Conducts TRAP by Cpl. Juan A. Soto-Delgado

You ever get the feeling that leadership is trying real hard how to use the UH-1Y now?  With every concept I hear being pushed it seems more and more likely that the UH-1Y has been put out to pasture and they're just trying to find work for it.

Light attack?  Kinda big to be ideal for that role.  Heavy attack?  We have the AH-1Z.  Command and control?  Bandwidth seems to count more than a commander's eyes on the battlefield like we saw so many times in Vietnam with them circling overhead in a Huey. 

Recon insertion?  Too short legged.  TRAP?  Only in benign environments.  It'll be replaced by the CH-53K which is being marketed as a penetrating airplane or the MV-22 which is faster and can deeper.  Medivac?  Don't think so. That cabin is kinda confined for that role although they made it work in Vietnam.

So the question becomes.  In the Marine Corps modern way of war, what do we do with the UH-1Y?

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