Thursday, March 01, 2018

Pentagon Predicts 10,000 US Military Casualties in Early Days of N. Korean War...that's waaaay too low!

via Sputnik
American military leaders who met to discuss a prospective US invasion of North Korea have reportedly claimed the fighting would cause around 10,000 American casualties in the very earliest stages of what could become a protracted conflict.

The New York Times reported that on Wednesday, US military leaders attended a classified exercise in Hawaii to discuss various scenarios that would arise in the opening days of a prospective US invasion of North Korea. The Pentagon stressed that the exercises did not signal that the White House had decided to go to war with North Korea.

The so-called "tabletop exercises," led by Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley and US Special Operations Commander Gen. Raymond Thomas, estimated that the opening days of the invasion would be catastrophic.
Story here. 

That is waaay too low. In essence this tabletop showed the loss of a US Army Light Infantry Division.

Are you kidding?

It'll be way worse than that.  My guess is that we'd lose the entire 2nd Infantry Division, a vast majority of the 25th ID (I'm guessing that the Army will want to be the lead service in this fight) and the Pacific Naval Air Force would probably be mauled a bit...not by missiles but by anti-air gunfire while they attempt to support the ground forces (same goes for USAF Pacific).

If I was boss for the war?

We'd just hit them with air from altitude to give them a bloody nose.  We'd "encourage" the Chinese to move south into N. Korea and we'd have to somehow convince the S. Koreans to get their head straight and evacuate Seoul or else we'd be looking at a half million civilian killed (that city is incredibly densely packed compared to major Western cities).

Either way.

This will not be easy, we will not enjoy the fight and this will be the kind of war that puts the globalists back in their cage for multiple generations.

I hope they know what the hell they're doing.

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