Sunday, March 25, 2018

Car crashes into front gate at USAF base and its not terrorism?

Hat Tip to Tactical Squad Tumblr via CNN.
Driver identified in fiery crash at US Air Force base

The FBI has identified the man who died after driving an unauthorized vehicle onto Travis Air Force Base in Northern California.

By Ralph Ellis, CNN

Hafiz Kazi, 51, had lived in the United States since 1993 and was a legal resident, FBI Special Agent Sean Ragan said at a news conference. He was originally from India.Authorities have not announced a motive but the security breach does not appear at this point to be terrorism-related, Ragan said.“We don’t have any nexus to terrorism at this point,” he said.

However, agents are searching his phones and social media for any possible connections. Kazi apparently lived in the San Francisco area and had worked as a cab driver, Ragan said.Ragan said a Kia minivan drove through the main gate at the base about 7 p.m. Wednesday. It looked like there were flames inside the vehicle, he said.The vehicle veered, crashed and started burning, Ragan said. By the time first responders broke through the locked doors, Kazi was dead, Ragan said.No shots were fired, he said. An autopsy is pending.Investigators discovered five propane tanks, three phones, gas cans, several lighters and a gym bag inside the car, Ragan said.“The investigation is ongoing and there are no current known threats to the base or community,” the base said. “ The main gate has reopened and all other facilities are operating as normal."Travis Air Force Base is home to 10,000 military personnel and is a major hub for logistics and military cargo in the Pacific.

It’s the largest military aerial port in the United States and includes facilities for airlift and aerial refueling.

This is why so many have issues with our intel/law enforcement agencies on the Federal level.  They put out information that defies belief.

How the hell does someone fill a van up with propane tanks, gas cans, several lighters...witnesses see the vehicle on fire before it crashes into the gate and they don't automatically START at a terrorism angle?

I don't get it.  Oh and if you haven't heard the story then blame it on the news media being focused on frivolity instead of seriousness.

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