Monday, March 26, 2018

Danner Reckoning Boot (approved for purchase by the USMC) is causing lower extremity injuries?

via Marine Times.
A popular Marine boot known as the Danner Reckoning may be causing injuries to Marines.

On Thursday, the Corps submitted a request to purchase 800 of the Danner boots in order to conduct field user evaluations for the “probability of lower extremity injuries related to use of the Reckoning Boot,” according to the solicitation.

The Danner Reckoning 8-inch Coyote Hot was approved by the commandant for wear by Marines early last year as part of an effort by the Corps to ensure the Marines have quality and affordable options for boots.

The popular boots flew off the shelves as soon as they became available in the exchanges. In July, the initial 655 pair of boots to hit the East and West Coast exchanges sold out.

But, the boot is not considered a seabag issue, which means part of a Marine’s general issue of clothing and uniform items.

The boots are considered suitable for hot weather climates.

“This is simply an evaluation/comparative analysis to other boots already fielded in order to see if improvements can be made and as always any way to mitigate future injuries is desired,” said Barbara Hamby at Marine Corps Systems Command.
Story here. 

First let's talk about the reporter of this news.  Shawn Snow is a Marine and is doing the job the right way.  He knows the questions to ask and while he isn't quite as confrontational as I am, he does more than simply regurgitate talking points.  Well done on his part.

Second, this is what I'm talking about when it comes to the Marine Corps getting back to basics.  I'd like to see the entire organization take a beat, get its bearings, focus on the simple shit...the basics...and then get moving again.

No reason at all for this to have popped up.

This should have been discovered before the boots were approved.

I do expect better and I know they will do better in the future.  But this  is still unsettling.  Injuries suck and when part of the process breaks down then its Marines and their bodies that pay the price.

Side note:  What do Marines want in a boot?  They want it light and they want it to provide traction.  Durability is nice but if its built like a tank and weighs a ton then it's not gonna work.  Is it time to flip the script when it comes to issue items?  Perhaps we make durable items like Chucks an out of pocket item that Marines pay for and approve lightweight high performance boots for Marines that the govt pays for and are replaced (considering MOS) every 6 months?  Yeah it will cost more but mobility, athletic/combat performance and good health (heavy boots are bad on joints) will make it a worthwhile expense.

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