Sunday, March 18, 2018

Coxswain Course...Plus why not adopt the CB90 to revitalize our Boat Company?

Interesting and informative little vid.

But I have a question.  If we're gonna be launching from further out and if we're looking at defenses that might challenge our vaunted air power yet AAV/ACV/LCAC are too slow then why aren't we taking a page from our allies and imagining doing this a different way?

Rubber boats are for clandestine operations.  Preferably by sub that allows a small team to get ashore.  If we're gonna insert a Company Landing Team and if they're part of the A2AD fight then we need something larger, faster, capable of supporting fire on the beach and of course having longer legs.

I'm talking about the CB90 for USMC service.

It would revitalize Boat Company in whole new ways.  Raids using CB90s would make them a definite possibility instead of a capability that we rarely use today.

The CB90 would extend the reach of the MEU to well beyond the horizon and further.  Plus Marines would suffer the jarring or the cold that they face today. In other words they'd arrive fresher for the fight.

If it doesn't work?

Riverine has new boats, but more than likely they would get gobbled up by SEALs or even Rangers (I can especially see Rangers taking these boats if the Marine Corps experiment failed because of either WANTING it to fail or some real flaw being found).

In other words this isn't a boat that we would buy and have to figure out how to use it.  Its tailored to the mission of inserting troops.  The USMC could certainly use that with the concepts being tossed around.

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