Wednesday, March 21, 2018

I TOLD YOU PEOPLE! USAF General says we have no defense against new Russian Hypersonic missile.

A short time ago I did a blog post which stated that we need to forget about the Nuke powered ICBM the Russians are building and focus on developing a defense against their Hypersonic missiles.

Many of you people ignored me, told me I was wrong and basically told me I was full of shit.  Well check this out via Free Beacon.
The United States lacks defenses against Chinese and Russian hypersonic missiles and needs to speed up work to counter the threat, the commander of the Strategic Command told a Senate hearing Tuesday.

"Both Russia and China are developing hypersonic capabilities," Air Force Gen. John Hyten, commander of the Omaha-based Strategic Command said. "We've watched them test those capabilities. So both Russia and China are aggressively pursuing hypersonic capabilities."
Story here.

Take a beat.

Let me link all this shit together for you.

1.  Trump called Russia to congratulate Putin on his election victory because WE NEED TO TAKE THEM OFF THE TABLE OF ENEMIES.  We might not be friends but we need to reach an understanding.  WE NEVER WILL with China but it's possible with Russia IF WE'RE SMART!

2.  Trump announced that he would meet with Putin in the very NEAR FUTURE and that they would discuss the new ARMS RACE!  Truth be told WE CANNOT FUND conventional and strategic defense at the level necessary to confront both Russia and China.  China is a mortal threat.  Russia DOES NOT NEED TO BE!

3.  The news media is caught in their Trump derangement syndrome and ARE FAILING to put together these simple threads.  SO ARE MANY OF YOU PEOPLE!

Long short?

We have labored long and hard chasing primitives with AK's and RPGs in the Middle East.

That was a short sighted and foolish strategy.

What did we actually accomplish?

We gave competitors time and space to catch up.  Everything from air to sea to ground power is at risk.  Name one domain and I can point to a capability where we are outmatched and our allies CANNOT provide a capability greater than those we already possess.

Our allies look and fight just like we do and because we're vulnerable that means the entire Western world is vulnerable.

We have to develop a defense against these systems.  If we don't then we can't even hang our hat on the MAD concept!

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