Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wow. The package bomber didn't stand a has created the police state on steroids...

Haven't talked about it but yesterday I was gonna write about the package bombing in Texas.

The post was gonna a bit like this.  That the authorities better get a handle before things spiral...especially in a city like Austin that is kinda liberal, very laid back and easily spooked.

Well they got the guy last night/early this morning.

But what has me spinning is some of the techniques that were used to nab the dude.

Reporters are talking about capturing and comparing cell phones that were in the area when the bombs went off (and I'm sure hours before too).  They talked about how they have face recognition that can compare any video they have of a person with EVERY drivers license and ID card in the state (wouldn't doubt if this has gone nationwide...especially with my state charging a small fee to make my DL suitable for air travel/entrance into federal buildings).

Of course they covered the old skool techniques of attempting to trace the components to certain stores that the suspect might have used.

Long short.

If you want to carry off a major crime spree that gets the attention of the national media you must do a few things.

1.  Short duration.  If you stay and play when the Law Enforcement Army moves in then you're on a clock to capture or death.  If you're a bad guy then make your play and get the fuck outta dodge.

2.  Grey man is your friend.  To do something like this properly you have to go off the grid and STAY off the grid for years before the act.  I really don't know how you would do that.  The puzzling thing?  EVEN IF you go grey man that will highlight you EVEN MORE!

3.  Move with speed.  This is actually part of my first point.  But you've got to keep moving.  The minute you put yourself in a static position (because you're at home or in a hotel you like) you are vulnerable. 

In short?

Law Enforcement has information dominance over the public.  Call it a gentle police state if you will, but if you warrant the full attention of authorities in this day and age you won't last long.

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