Saturday, March 10, 2018

Matimus' video on the Canadian TAPV...I disagree with his assessment and think this vehicle is a winner!...

On this one I disagree.

I think the Canadian Army got it right.

The TAPV has protection against IEDs, will have a surveillance mast, has the capability to employ anti-tank missiles against heavy armor and has most importantly OUTSTANDING mobility.

If you look around the globe and take a gander at current and projected recon vehicles then the TAPV fits the bill better than many of them. 

Is it tall?  Yes.  Is it highly mobile?  Yes.  Can it flex into a troop transport if needed?  Yes.  Can it do other duties as needed such as convoy escort?  Yes.
Can it self deploy over long distances, not tear up infrastructure in undeveloped countries and "last longer" in the field without having to rely on a complex/vulnerable logistics chain?  Yes.

Yeah, I completely disagree with Matimus on this one, I think the Canadians got it right.

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