Saturday, March 10, 2018

My personal nightmare scenario plays out. Vet takes hostages at Vet Home.

via Reuters.
 A gunman who once served in the U.S. military opened fire on Friday inside a California home for disabled and aging war veterans, where he took three hostages and was holding police at bay as negotiators sought to make contact with him for several hours, authorities said.
Story here. 

At the time I'm posting this I can't find where its been resolved so I'm assuming the standoff continues.

This is my personal nightmare scenario playing out.

The ultimate scenario would be if a bunch of buddies from the Army or Marine Corps decided to get together to do some act of evil.

But one is enough if he's properly motivated, and from what I can tell this guy was denied PTSD treatment and its speculated that's why he's acting out.

Why is this so personally worrisome for me?

Because it taints the entire community.  Have a rash of these incidents and it won't be a stale "thank you for your service" but more of a "damn, is this dude crazy"?

We could be headed toward the Vietnam Vet experience that those old skool guys talk about (well...a minor level but you get my meaning).

To add to the problem?

I workout because it makes me feel good.  Look better.  I try and do it everyday.  I practice with my firearms monthly cause I enjoy the range.  To me its fun.

But what if some guys with some knowledge and military experience were to do a "bad thing" and took the time to train and rehearse?

Then you have to consider the flip side.  This dude looks like he's simply acting out.  If he had gone on a shooting rampage I'm sure law enforcement wouldn't have been able to stage their Tac Team and negotiate.

Would the first responding officer be capable of dealing with this guy?  We saw incredible bravery with the Florida shooting and incredible incompetence.

Sadly if we rewind the tape, we saw the same in Dallas and Baton Rouge with the cop killers that were encountered in those situation.

How many street cops are trained enough, tough enough and crusty enough to engage a skilled assailant with military training?

My guess is at best 50% nationwide could perform adequately or better.  That's the good news.  It's the 50% that would fold like the Sheriff's Deputy that should give us all pause.

I hope this works out and the guy gets help.  More to come.

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