Thursday, March 01, 2018

The Marine Corps Minor Trinity in Washington have taken over...McMaster is out!

Have you heard the buzz?  McMaster is out the door supposedly by the end of the month.

You do get the force of connection on this don't you?

It hasn't been reported much but McMaster didn't line up with Mattis at Defense or Tillerson at State.

That means that the Marine Corp Minor Trinity...Mattis, Kelley and Dunford are now running not only US military policy BUT ALSO a large part of US foreign policy.

I never knew it.

Dunford was obviously a political pro.  He survived two administrations and I'm sure will be asked to stick around a bit longer.  Mattis?  I didn't think he had it in him.  His  tenure at CENTCOM wasn't exactly brilliant but my visibility was limited so I might be wrong.  Regardless he didn't strike me as being able to maneuver politically but again I was wrong.  Dude was a four star so he knows his way around the halls of Congress and at fancy dinner parties.

Which brings me to Kelley.

I've been quietly cheering this guy.  His viewpoints have been exposed and he lines up pretty much across the board with my own (well maybe...don't know where he stands on this gun control stuff) and besides the hiccup with Charlottesville I think he's done an OUTSTANDING job at moderating Trump.

But this is an entirely new thing.

I suspect and it's only a gut feeling, that these guys basically rolled McMaster. I always viewed McMaster as an old school, McCain type globalist/Neo-Con when the military needed something different in order to prepare for the future.

In essence McMaster was an old skool counter terror hawk and a nation building zealot instead of someone wanting to prep for China.

Like I said.

I could be all wrong but it sure looks like the Marines have taken the hill and the White House belongs to the Corps and a wild man.

Rivals are being swept away but can they bring calm, boldness and rationality to a person that seems to enjoy chaos so much that if it doesn't exist he'll invent it?

I'm not sure but McMaster and Kushner claimed as scalps?  Pretty nicely done in my view.

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