Sunday, March 18, 2018

The McCabe firing....many theories but everyone is forgetting one important fact.

I gotta touch on the McCabe firing.


Because while Trump dipped his toe in the murky water again with his insane tweets, there is something important that is going unsaid here.  Remember this bubba was part of the upper echelon of the FBI, the so called premier law enforcement organization in the US.

Let's dissect this thing.  First his supporters expressing outrage.

Next we cover not McCabe's defense but what renowned Constitutional Lawyer Turley said about it...
The McCabe controversy could also make life tougher for special counsel Robert Mueller. While McCabe lashed out at Trump in his statement, he may have just given Trump the long-sought cover to use his pardon power. If McCabe is not charged, Trump could cite that decision as the basis for pardoning Flynn, as a matter of equity and fairness.

More generally, the apparent conduct of both McCabe and Comey have fulfilled the narrative long advanced by Trump of a biased and unprincipled FBI investigation. Given Trump’s ill-advised inclination to fire Mueller in the past, these allegations of leaks and misrepresentations inside the FBI could rekindle Trump’s interest in forcing an end to the investigation that has dogged his administration for a year.
Story here. 

But ya know what has me spinning?

The Inspector General of the FBI recommended the dude be fired!  Somehow that has been forgotten or ignored.
The FBI’s Office of Personal Responsibility has recommended the firing of former deputy director Andrew McCabe, who is accused of serious misconduct.

The recommendation apparently resulted from a report by the Justice Department’s inspector general, which found that McCabe leaked sensitive details about the FBI’s investigation of the Clinton Foundation to a Wall Street Journal reporter and then lied about it to the IG’s office.
Story here. 

We're already in a constitutional crisis folks.

Parts of our Govt and Media are acting in their own interests to their own ends.

Additionally I think we're seeing a massive psyops campaign being waged.  At one time I thought it was being directed at the President himself but now?  Now I believe that its aimed at the American people.

The goal?  Desired end state?

I have no idea.

But I believe that we're watching the bouncing ball instead of the guy with the mask and the handgun running across the room.

In short we're being distracted with these power plays.  McCabe was recommended for firing because he was less than forthcoming about leaking a story to the Wall Street Journal (that alone deserves further examination...why would he leak to the WSJ about the Clinton Foundation...we look at these media sources as being liberal or conservative but what if they're neither...what if they're simply conduits for the govt to put info out?) yet the Director of the FBI was golden even though he leaked to the media too?

I thought the battlefield in Syria was chaotic.

The Washington DC battlefield is even more confused the only saving grace is no least not yet.

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