Sunday, April 08, 2018

82nd Airborne getting serious about their "Division Ready Force" by Tech. Sgt. Liliana Moreno

These guys weren't too far away at England Air Park and Ft Polk.  Gotta make a trip and get in tight with the PAO for that base...over at Meridian with the Special Ops Community down there, Barksdale Air Base and the bubbas at Ft Hood (can't forget my boys down at Marine Reserve in New Orleans...suck ass city but good people).

I digress though.

The 82nd has been quietly working there asses off.

They're starting to take the look of the old skool bubbas back in the Rapid Deployment Force days.  You know I'm a fan of that concept and believe it would fit better our current defense needs than all this forward presence nonsense (except for forces afloat...being on ship and getting to hot spots or showing the flag will ALWAYS make sense).

Regardless.  Ya heard it here first.  The 82nd is back in the game in a big way!

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