Sunday, April 08, 2018

Keep your eyes on Brazil. Something SIGNIFICANT/Possibly dangerous is brewing!

via Brazilism Tumblr Page.
Alright but there’s some CRAZY historical shit happening in brazil right now

our ex-president (and the most popular politician alive here by far) was convicted of a crime and police issued an arrest warrant for him yesterday

so he basically said “fine, come and get me, i’ll be at the labor union speaking to the people who support me meanwhile” (cause he was running for president again this year and was VERY likely to win)

and so many fucking people showed up and basically barricaded blocks and blocks around the building that police can’t get near him

and police knows exactly where he is so they can’t consider him a fugitive and apply penalties cause he’s technically not breaking the law

and today after negotiating his surrender carefully he tried to get out and people literally won’t get off the gate???

people are literally human-barricading this dude from being arrested  this is WILD 
This is intense and I haven't paid close enough attention to it.  Something SIGNIFICANT/Possibly dangerous is brewing in Brazil and it's no where in the news.

This could have ramifications folks.

Get your eyeballs on this one.  More to come but keep an eyeball peeled!

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