Saturday, April 14, 2018

Blog Blurb. What did you expect from the strike? Let's be actual and factual..both from supporters of it and dissenters!

I've been monitoring conversations revolving around the strike in Syria.

The conversations have been beyond interesting.  Some people have brought up thought provoking ideas/theories.  Some have just gone batshit crazy and its obvious that thinking has gone out the window and emotionalism is all they're clinging to.

But lets be actual and factual about this thing....

If you're a supporter of the strikes.

You should be happy as hell.  The President backed up his line in the sand and sent a message.  Additionally he did it in a focused manner that did not lead to needless loss of life while still delivering a message to Assad and defying the Russians.

If you're a dissenter.

You should be happy as hell.  You believe that the evidence was shaky and that a miscalculation could lead to a wider conflict.  Trump did the unusual for him and approved a limited strike (ok, alot of ammo was expended but the targets were few) that happened at a time when few casualties would be suffered even among Syrian military and the threat of Russian retaliation was muted because we steered clear of targeting their installations/personnel AND it appears that we even took the time to deconflict the attack with the Russians!

The reality?

This is about as good as it gets with regard to politics in the US and in appeasing our French and British allies that WE NEED to put the veneer of legality on the whole thing AND pushback against the idea of the lawless US attacking another country.

This is far from perfect but...

This ain't perfect but its the best melding of political considerations mixed with tactical smarts within a constrained framework that I've seen the US military put together in a long time.

I'm not a Mattis fanboy yet but its obvious that he along with Dunford at the head of the JCS and Kelly as White House Chief of staff tailored the right response (almost perfect) to the lunacy that I'm sure Bolton was proposing.

Long story short?

Whether a supporter or critic, we all should be happy.

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