Friday, April 27, 2018

Congressmen warned the Pentagon they had two years to fix things...Now the Marines are bracing for impact...

Too little time, and even with a budget that is seriously approaching a trillion dollars, too little money (or rather too much money thrown at a single project...).  Check this out via Breaking Defense.
The Marine Corps Commandant has joined the chorus of senior Pentagon officials who say they’re bracing for potential budget cuts in 2020. That’s when the 2018-2019 budget deal expires and the Budget Control Act caps on spending come back in force (sometimes called “sequestration”), unless Congress can scrape together another compromise.

Gen. Robert Neller made it clear he’s grateful for budget increases in 2018 and 2019, though he noted the ’19 appropriations haven’t passed yet. He promised to make the most of every dollar to modernize the Marine Corps to prepare for major wars against high-tech adversaries like Russia and China. But, like Defense Secretary Jim Mattis — a retired Marine general himself — and Pentagon comptroller David Norquist at a Senate hearing this morning, Neller also made it clear he isn’t counting on the good times to continue.
Story here. 

We knew this was coming.  At least the readers of this blog did.  Now?  Now it seems like the DoD has woken up and smelled the coffee.

It doesn't matter who wins control of Congress or is the next President.

You've just seen the last of the blockbuster budgets for the military.

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