Thursday, April 26, 2018

Quantum radar to render stealth technologies ineffective

via New Atlas.
Stealth technology may not be very stealthy in the future thanks to a US$2.7-million project by the Canadian Department of National Defence to develop a new quantum radar system. The project, led by Jonathan Baugh at the University of Waterloo's Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC), uses the phenomenon of quantum entanglement to eliminate heavy background noise, thereby defeating stealth anti-radar technologies to detect incoming aircraft and missiles with much greater accuracy.
Story here. 

Everyone, even our allies, is working overtime to crack stealth and make it a non factor going into the future.

We've heard about quantum radar before.  If I recall correctly this was a path of research that the Chinese were following (don't know about the Russians). Additionally we know about the claims being made about GaN AESA that Raytheon, SAAB and others are building at this very moment.

I put this to you dear Reader.

If the F-35 loses stealth then how in God's name will it survive the future battlefield?

It's not comparatively fast.

It's not designed to fly high.

It's endurance is nothing special.

It's basic electronics (AESA, IRST, etc...) are all nothing special....even its sensor fusion is being claimed as a feature on what is called 4th gen fighters these days.

So without stealth the F-35 becomes what it has always been.  A mediocre fighter that is outstanding in only one  model..the F-35B when compared to the Harrier.

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