Thursday, April 26, 2018

Let's get real on Russia recovering cruise missile fragments/components.

Ok boys.

Let's get real on debris/recovered missile parts after the strike on Syria.

First a little story.  I took a course a long time ago from the FBI covering Post Bomb Blast Investigation.  No big deal, the war on terror was high and I guess they wanted bodies in case bad shit ever happened again in the US.  My thinking?  If things went south they would have us put on blue jeans, give us those Incident Response Force Jackets and we would scour the ground so the real agents could start running down the suspects.

But I digress.

What I learned from that course is that when bombs explode you don't get vaporization.  You get micro fragmentation.  In other words even with the hotness of the time, fertilizer bombs you will have evidence left behind.

Components that can be painstakingly reassembled by some geek in a lab coat in a flight hanger somewhere.

That adds up tenfold when you're talking about modern munitions.

Think about what we're talking about with a cruise missile.  We're talking about a devise that has a warhead on its nose but is designed to flying a couple hundred miles, maneuver, sometimes at high speed other times at high subsonic and hit a target precisely.

Additionally it has to be rugged enough to survive launch from ships or aircraft AND carriage/storage till its needed.

Long story short.

Munitions are tough.  Cruise missiles are tougher.  There will be fragments left behind.  There will be components that help the attacker identify it.

So while I am a supporter of trying to befriend Russia, on this they're full of shit.  A few components and fragments don't mean a thing except cruise missiles struck a target and they got some grunts to pick up the pieces.

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