Sunday, April 22, 2018

New Chinese IFV VN17

Thanks to Mr T for the pic!

FUCK!  I've been predicting this.  I knew the Chinese had to be working on their next generation of IFVs and this is probably just the first batch of new stuff coming online.

The West is so focused on aviation that they are missing the fact that we've been stuck in neutral on IFV/Armored Vehicle development, that our potential foes have or are about to take the lead.

The ridiculous thing?

Judging by how we fight all our enemies need to do is to reach a stalemate in the air...just prevent us from gaining air superiority and they can roll over our ground formations.

We have shot our conventional forces in the foot and based everything on air power being our saving grace.

That's idiocy on a stick.

Expect more from the Chinese.  What am I looking for?  The next gen amphibious assault vehicle.  One that makes up for the poor performance and armoring of the current one.  A rig that is as formidable on land as it is on water.  In essence a true Chinese EFV.

Regardless, we need to shake ourselves out of the current batch of stupidity and get to work.

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