Sunday, April 22, 2018

SOCOM has gone quiet....

After watching that promo film from the 1st Special Operations Wing I realized something.

SOCOM has gone quiet.

I remember the bravado that was on display during the Bush Admin, the craziness of a former SEAL that took charge of the command and how every week it seemed they were making movies or writing books.

Then I remember tragedy hitting.

A senior NCO that got killed on a raid with Iraqi Special Ops to rescue prisoners.  Close calls for our guys beyond forward in Syria, and finally the tragedy of the incident in Africa.

I also remember an old skool Special Ops guy telling McRaven to get his guys out of the news media, the reporters at the briefing laughing at the old guy and then McRaven basically telling the retired 3 star to pound sand.

It seems like SOCOM has learned its lessons.  They've noted that the more they stay in the media the more chances the enemy has to read their playbook.  I also notice that they've seemed to tone down that other thing that annoyed the fuck outta me.  They stopped teaching questionable allies how we do things (essentially they were teaching the very terrorists that they would fight within a month).

So SOCOM has decided to fade into the background.


But they're still trying to wage the dog. 

They're still trying to be the supported instead of supporting force and its obvious by the latest fantasy of fighting in mega cities.  Do you guys remember that a few years ago the next fight was suppose to be over resources?  Yeah they called them resource wars and how we needed to be ready to fight them (resources aren't in cities...only consumers are in cities...the shit they need to sustain themselves are usually in the include food and water).

This is a good start for SOCOM and I credit Army leadership for reigning them back in. 

Now they need to complete the mission and go back to being the guys worthy of all the praise heaped on them .... oh and maintain standards .... quality over quantity .... there should be no more than 6 SEAL Teams .... half of USAF special ops teams should be canned .... 3 battalions of USMC Special Operations .... for fuck sake most 2 and preferably 1~!

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