Saturday, April 07, 2018

Robotic Complex Breach Concept (Brit/US Army)


I get it.  The Brits are proud of their Engineer vehicle being operated unmanned (don't know if its being remotely operated or autonomous) but we've cracked the code on this stuff for over a decade now.

Remember the USMC/Oshkosh TerraMax unmanned MTVR?  Remember Carnegie Mellon's/DARPA Crusher?  How about the K-Max that was unmanned and delivered supplies to forward Marines in Afghanistan?  Still doesn't shake your memory?  How about the Black Knight that BAE unmanned combat vehicle mounting a heavy cannon?

Unmanned vehicles have been a thing for awhile.  No need for further testing we just need to pull the trigger.

I have no visibility on European projects but I'm sure they have more than this and the Taranis Combat UAV going.

Long short?  We know robotics have an application on the battlefield.  We know how to make it work.  It's just about funding it now.

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